Born in Levis, Quebec... I have lived in Ontario, New Brunswick and Alberta before settling down in Boucherville, Quebec. 

I thrive in expressing the beauty and joy of life through my art, either in urban scenes, with musicians or dancers or people in sports.

My style is of contemporary revival, in a distinctive figurative, joyful, emotional style which emerges from capturing the dynamic of the moment, inspired by my own life experiences. I have been pushing for excellence and originality by slowly and intensively mastering this art for now three decades.

I have worked extensively at mastering oils, watercolours, inks and... coffee! Watercolours have helped me develop an ability to work with more momentum, since it dries so quickly! Then an intensive 10-year self-taught study of acrylic painting brought me to acquire more spontaneity. Eventually leaving realism, I have developped my own figurative style. For me, each canvas is an impulsive challenge, beginning with people in urban scenes, sports, musicians and dancers. I amalgamate them with intense movements and colour on canvas, especially with a touch of red, in which I love leaving it's rightful place for what emerges haphazardly!

My customed paintings are modern, large format paintings for businesses and individuals

My collections are in different parts of Canada, USA, France and Lebanon, in City Centers, a School, Municipal libraries, clinics, and through fine arts galleries such as ‘Le Bourget’ in Montreal, Québec city, Terrebonne, Ste-Julie, St-Bruno, and symposiums, museums and solo exhibitions.

Memberships: AAPARS art association)   -  AGAB (Business Association of Boucherville)  -  2 advisory art committees for the City of Boucherville and VP of an Astronomy Club.


2018: Selected for a historic fresco for the 50th anniversary of De Mortagne Secondary School.

2017: Selected by the Corporation for the 350th of Boucherville, her fresco is permanently installed in front of the City’s Multifunctionnal Centre.

2015:  Selected by the City of Boucherville for "Les Essais", (like a 'Dragon's Den) an activity, linking art and business, I offer customed paintings for businesses.  

2013: First Award for  "FAVOURITE OF THE PUBLIC", at the Art and Gardens Symposiums, one of the largest in Quebec. 

2014: 2nd Award for  "FAVOURITE OF THE PUBLIC", at an Art and Gardens Symposium in Boucherville, among 70 artists from different provinces.